doGPT 🐶

Advanced AI, but for dogs.

Animal welfare statement

No animals were harmed during the development of this advanced AI.


Ensure you have Python installed, then:

$ pip install dogpt


Simply call the dogpt command from the terminal with some prompt text:

$ dogpt in your considered opinion, what is the meaning of life?

The output will display, with pauses (this is advanced AI that requires significant computational resources), to the terminal:

woof play woof arf woof tummy rub sniff grrr

API usage

From within your code:

from dogpt import text

prompt = input("What do you want to say to the dog? ")

This fragment will pipe out the response to STDOUT.


We welcome contributions from advanced AI researchers, funding in the order of millions of dollars from billionaires, and canine related training skills via our GitHub page.